The Work Is Not Complete Until The Truth Is Communicated

Preaching is speaking. A sermon is a presentation. The greatest content in the world is not helpful if it is not heard.

The work of a preacher begins in God’s Word and the majority of effort must be spent in the exegetical process. However, the work is not complete until the truth is communicated and if we desire to communicate more effectively, we can learn something from other skilled presenters.


Here are three presentation articles you might find beneficial.

9 Things Pastors Need to Know About Sermon Delivery

Brandon at ProPreacher writes, “Effective preaching is more than just about what you say. It’s also about how you say it. Too many sermons fail not because of bad content, but because of bad delivery.”

3 Ways To Give Your Presentation An Emotional Punch

Storytelling is not something that we do; storytellers are who we are. The power of story helps us make sense of the world and gives us a powerful tool to articulate our ideas. In business, however, we seem to have lost that essential component that binds us together.

4 World Champions of Public Speaking Explain How To Give Presentations Your Audience Will Love

Being a great public speaker requires much more than confidence. It’s about connecting to audience members on a personal level and leaving them with a satisfying message they can act on.

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